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Connolly, Keating, Turner, Panetta, Wilson, Kean Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Reaffirming U.S. Commitment to NATO

Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA), President Emeritus of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Ranking Member Bill Keating (D-MA) and Chairman Tom Kean (R-NJ) of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) of the US Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Congressman Jimmy Panetta (D-CA), and Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) introduced a bipartisan resolution, H.Res.1063, on Wednesday with 36 colleagues to reaffirm the United States commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and to the Article 5 principle of Collective Defense.

As we mark the 75th anniversary of the NATO alliance this July in Washington, the United States commitment to transatlantic security remains sacred and unwavering. While countries like Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran seek to spread their malign influence, the NATO alliance endures as an essential pillar of security and deterrence for the United States and our allies. This bipartisan resolution reaffirms the United States full and unwavering commitment to the NATO alliance and Article 5 of the NATO founding treaty. The resolution also reaffirms NATO’s open door policy, welcomes Finland and Sweden as new members of NATO, and expresses ongoing support for Ukraine as the country defends against Russia’s illegal and full-scale invasion. Finally, the resolution expresses the need for all NATO members to dedicate at least 2% of their GDP to national defense.

“For 75 years, the NATO alliance has been critical to American security and the transatlantic alliance based in our shared values of liberty, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law,” said Ranking Member Keating. “The NATO alliance is larger than one country or one person, and this resolution reaffirms our sacred commitment to Article 5 and the principle of collective defense. As NATO’s door remains open, we must do all we can to support Ukraine’s fight for freedom against illegal Russian aggression and guarantee the sanctity of this alliance for the next generation.”

“As Ukraine continues their fight against Russian aggression, our commitment to NATO remains essential to our national security. The relationships built through NATO over the past 75 years support sustained intelligence sharing efforts and increased collaboration to develop and deploy shared defense capabilities. As Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran collaborate to undermine our efforts, we must continue to support our collective security through these key NATO partnerships,” said Chairman Turner.

“For 75 years, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has ensured security in Europe, maintained stability around the world, and safeguarded the democratic values that we share,” said Rep. Panetta. “The United States must remain at the forefront of this critical alliance to respond to the new, and ever-evolving, security threats the alliance faces from state and non-state actors alike. In reaffirming our unwavering commitment to NATO, we make clear that the United States will uphold its commitment to our allies and the international world order that this alliance has fostered over the last three-quarters of a century.”

“Since its formation, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has effectively deterred dictator aggression. It is the finest military alliance in the world, made even stronger with the addition of Sweden and Finland. I am grateful to join my colleagues in this resolution commemorating NATO’s 75th anniversary. Freedom will always prevail over dictators,” said Rep. Joe Wilson.

“Today, we reiterate our ironclad commitment to NATO and our Article 5 obligation,” said Rep. Connolly. “As the former President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, I appreciate the essential role the United States plays in the Alliance. From Vladimir Putin’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine to the march of authoritarianism quickening its step, the American commitment to NATO and the democratic values its member nations share is more important now than ever. Today, we recommit ourselves to securing the future of the transatlantic alliance.”

“I am proud to co-lead this resolution symbolizing the bipartisan support for the United States commitment to the NATO alliance,” said Chairman Kean. “Over the past 75 years, NATO has proven itself to be the most successful alliance in history. The addition of Finland and shortly Sweden will only strengthen the alliance further given their capable militaries, technological prowess, and strong defense industries. This resolution also stresses ahead of this year's Washington summit that the alliance must continue to call on all its allies to meet the 2% defense investment minimum to send a message to Vladimir Putin that his unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine has only made NATO more powerful.”

Specifically, this resolution:

  • Reaffirms the House’s full and unwavering commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
  • Recognizes the vitality of NATO and the United States sacred commitment to the alliance and to defending United States allies under Article 5 of the NATO founding treaty.
  • Reaffirms NATO’s Open Door Policy and commitment to Article 10 of the Washington Treaty and reaffirms that every state has the right to choose its own security arrangements, including Ukraine.
  • Remembers the thousands of NATO coalition soldiers who sacrificed their lives in support of the United States following the invocation of Article 5 after the September 11 terrorist attacks.
  • Welcomes and supports Finland and Sweden as full members of and strong security providers in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.Reaffirms the necessity for NATO allies to dedicate at least 2% of their gross domestic product on their national defense or establish plans by the Washington Summit to meet their 2% obligations.
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