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The only crisis at the border is this administration’s cruel treatment

of migrants and refugees. Trump’s so-called "National Emergency" is unnecessary and unconstitutional. Next week, the House will s...

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President Trump’s so-called National Emergency is another blow to the rule

of law. This is a raw power grab not based in fact and nothing more than a shameful attempt to save face with his base. This ...

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"Although Congress passed legislation to guarantee back pay for federal

workers, we have heard reports of many instances of shorted pay and inconsistent tax deductions that left workers unable to make...

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Telephone Town Hall

Congressman Connolly is a strong advocate of telephone town meetings, noting that it gives thousands of constituents an opportunity to participate. The format is also very popular among constituents, who can participate from their homes or other locations using cell phones. If you would like to participate in an upcoming telephone town hall meeting, click the button below and sign-up.

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