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Today, the House took another consequential step in upholding the oath

we took to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. To members of the Senate, history summons you now to do the ...

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Congrats to Speaker Filler Corn, Delegates Jennifer Carroll Foy and Hala

Ayala, and all our ERA advocates. With the ERA's passage in the House of Delegates, Virginia is taking another step in our marc...

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I just left the administration's briefing on the strike that killed Qasem

Soleimani. They tried, unsuccessfully, to conjure up a rationale for the president's reckless decision. It was sophomoric an...

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Telephone Town Hall

Congressman Connolly is a strong advocate of telephone town meetings, noting that it gives thousands of constituents an opportunity to participate. The format is also very popular among constituents, who can participate from their homes or other locations using cell phones. If you would like to participate in an upcoming telephone town hall meeting, click the button below and sign-up.

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