One of the most important things I do as a Member of Congress is assist my constituents with issues or problems they are experiencing with federal agencies. I understand that it can be difficult to navigate the maze of the federal government or to determine the correct person or agency to contact to help you with your issue. My offices can help you with this process.

I am committed to providing excellent services to the residents of the 11th District of Virginia. My staff and I will do everything possible to help you with your problem or question.


If you need help with a federal agency or have any other problem that you think I can help please complete a Privacy Release Form and email me at

**Please note that if you are requesting assistance with a petition that is pending with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, you must complete the USCIS Privacy Release Form which that agency requires.  For all other matters, please use our standard Privacy Release Form. You may also mail your request to my Annandale office or fax it to (703) 354-1284.

Please complete all information to the best of your ability and attach copies of correspondence or documentation that you have concerning your issue including a written explanation of the problem and the result you are seeking. We will be better able to assist you if we have complete and accurate information.

The Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. ยง 552a) requires that Members of Congress or their staff have written authorization before contacting any federal agency. Please be sure to print out and complete the Privacy Release Form or the USCIS Privacy Release Form and email it to or fax to my District Office at 703-354-1284.

The following links may provide you with answers to basic questions as well as information on resources that are available. If you need assistance from an agency that is not listed, please complete the Privacy Release Form and email it to or fax to my District Office at 703-354-1284.

Which agency do you need help with?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Internal Revenue Service


Social Security Administration

Veterans Services/Military

Office of Personnel Management

Security Clearances

Department of Education

Passport Services/Traveling Abroad

Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visas

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