Democrats, Republicans on Hill react to Comey firing

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Washington, May 10, 2017 | comments
Richard Reeve

On Capitol Hill Wednesday, everyone is talking about the president firing FBI Director James Comey.

One of the big headlines today is that the Senate intelligence committee has invited Comey to an interview, a closed-door meeting next Tuesday.

Many are calling for appointing a special prosecutor to look into this as well. Normally that appointment would be made by the Attorney General or his deputy.

Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, the vice chair of the intelligence committee, says the "senior most career official" at the US justice department should appoint that special prosecutor to avoid any conflicts of interest.

GOP members say Comey's firing was the president's decision to make.

A lot of lawmakers are asking, if this was about The Clinton emails, why not take action in January or February instead of now.

Rep. Gerry Connolly/(D) Virginia: "I think this is tantamount to obstruction, because it's clear from the presidents own letter that this was about Russia and the investigation of his election and his campaign and their ties to Russian intelligence."

Sen. Richard Burr/(R): "If that was the impetus behind this they should have done something on inauguration day, not now. The question is has something happened between now and then."
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