Connolly Calls Trump’s Attempt to Tap Dance Around the Emoluments Clause An Affront to the American Public

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Washington, January 11, 2017 | comments
Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) released the following statement after President-elect Trump’s press conference detailing his insufficient conflict of interest proposal:

“President-elect Trump’s announced plan to avoid any potential conflicts of interests falls far short of what the American public demands. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee heard expert testimony that made clear the only way to adequately and appropriately protect the integrity of the Office of the President is to immediately divest all interests in the Trump Organization and put those holdings into a blind trust. This plan, devised by Trump’s advisors and not independent groups, doesn’t meet that basic standard, tainting virtually every decision he makes as conflicted.

“Even more troublesome, his attempt to tap dance around the Emoluments Clause is an affront to the American public. Given his proven failed record of past promises to many charitable organizations, and his refusal to release his tax filings to back up those claims, there is little confidence he would live up to this promise.”
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