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Connolly Statement on Dr. Siavash Sobhani’s Naturalization

Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) released the following statement after Dr. Siavash Sobhani was finally granted US citizenship in a naturalization ceremony on June 1, 2024.

As first reported by the Washington Post, when Dr. Sobhani applied for a passport renewal in February of 2023, he was informed that he was mistakenly granted citizenship at birth and was no longer considered a US citizen, despite living here with the protection of citizenship his entire life. Following the Post’s reporting, Connolly’s office intervened in Dr. Sobhani’s case, which was resolved with his naturalization over the weekend.

“I am pleased that Dr. Sobhani’s long, unnecessary nightmare is finally over. But let me be perfectly clear – this is a travesty that never should have been allowed to happen. Dr. Sobhani has lived in the United States his entire life. He was granted citizenship at birth and had no reason whatsoever to doubt the validity of his citizenship. He is a valued member of the Northern Virginia community, providing care for countless patients as a trusted, successful doctor. He did nothing wrong. Responsibility for this blunder lies at the feet of the US government, which now owes Dr. Sobhani a sincere apology for ripping out the foundation from underneath him and causing him and his family immense distress.”
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