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Georgia Caucus Co-Chairs Statement on Georgia's 'Foreign Agents Law'

Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) and Congressman Austin Scott (R-GA), the Co-Chairs of the Congressional Georgia Caucus, released the following statement expressing concerns about Georgia's proposed "Foreign Agents Law:"

“In 2012, after taking power for a third term, Vladimir Putin signed a “Foreign Agents Law” to require organizations engaged in political activity and receiving foreign funding to register as foreign agents. Putin used this “Foreign Agents Law” to drastically curb free speech, all but eliminate Russian civil society, and further solidify his brutal rule as a dictator. It is incredibly concerning for the Republic of Georgia, a democratic partner of the United States that has received EU candidate status, to introduce and advance legislation that mimics Putin’s same anti-democratic instrument. We continue to support the Georgian people in their path to Euro-Atlantic inclusion and urge leaders to heed their calls for a flourishing and unimpeded civil society, independent judiciary, and a government that respects the rule of law and holds those who engage in corruption accountable. Unfortunately, a “Foreign Agents Law” similar to that of Vladimir Putin’s, diverts Georgia from that path.”
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