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Republicans Reject Connolly Amendment on Abortion Rights for College Students

House Republicans rejected an amendment from Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) that would have officially included in legislative text recent polling that reveals a vast majority of students, Democrats and Republicans alike, prefer to enroll in college in a state with less restrictive abortion laws. Connolly offered the amendment to H.R. 6914, the so-called Pregnant Students’ Rights Act, Republican legislation that creates no new rights or protections for pregnant students and instead keeps students in the dark about the comprehensive health care choices and resources available to them.

“By refusing to consider my factual, commonsense amendment, Republicans have confirmed that this duplicitous legislation is nothing more than a continuation of their cruel offensive against women in America,” said Connolly. “This bill offers no new rights or protections for pregnant students, it ensures students will be less informed about the resources available to them, and it builds even more barriers to success where we should be tearing them down. This is another in a long line of shameful attacks by Republicans who believe they can make better decisions for women than women can make for themselves.”

Text of the amendment is available here.
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