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Connolly Urges President Biden to Invoke the 14th Amendment

Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) released the following statement:

“The Constitution is unambiguous: The validity of our public debt shall not be questioned. ‘Shall’ is a compelling word in law. It could not be clearer. It isn’t a suggestion. It is a requirement. We have a constitutional obligation to ensure our debts are paid. President Biden has tried valiantly and in good faith to negotiate a solution only to be met with one extreme and untenable demand after another from Republicans who are willing to tank our economy and wipe out jobs and life savings for their own political gain. Enough is enough.

The permanent solution to this recurring mess is to abolish the debt ceiling entirely, and I am a proud cosponsor of legislation to do exactly that. Unless and until we can get that done, the Constitution prescribes the 14th Amendment as the only way forward to end the stalemate, save the economy, and practice some real fiscal responsibility. I call on President Biden to honor his oath to the Constitution and invoke the 14th Amendment.”

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