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NATO Parliamentary Assembly President Connolly Statement in Support of Ukraine

Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA), President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, released the following statement in support of Ukraine. Connolly joined Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Crimea Platform Summit in Zagreb, Croatia.

“Today, I joined Speaker Pelosi to address the Crimea Platform Summit in Zagreb, Croatia to reiterate the United States’ steadfast, and unequivocal support for Ukraine. We must have absolute clarity about Russia’s brutal and criminal war against Ukraine, and we will not turn our backs on the Ukrainian people who are fighting and dying for their own peaceful and democratic future.

Russia is engaged in an unprovoked war against a peaceful neighbor. It has used rape as a weapon of war, targeted civilian centers and infrastructure with indiscriminate bombing, forced migration and displacement of more than 12 million people, risked nuclear catastrophe, threatened nuclear war, and precipitated the disappearance of thousands of Ukrainian children.

We cannot engage in magical thinking regarding the nature of the Russian threat. Russia has lied about its intentions in Ukraine and overturned international agreements fundamental to safeguarding peace on the European continent.

Ukraine has our support now and until victory.”
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