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SEEC Leadership Statement on Earth Day

Today, SEEC Co-Chairs Reps. Paul Tonko, Doris Matsui and Gerry Connolly and Vice-Chairs Reps A. Donald McEachin, Chellie Pingree, Matt Cartwright, Mike Quigley, and Alan Lowenthal released the following statement in recognition of Earth Day: 


“This Earth Day provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the historic climate and clean energy accomplishments of the 117th Congress so far. These include unprecedented investments in environmental justice, our electricity grid, public transit systems, EV charging infrastructure, the clean energy supply chain, and energy efficiency upgrades for low-income households. Importantly, they also include critical efforts to improve our clean water infrastructure and clean up legacy pollution to begin to address the environmental injustices facing communities across the country.”


“SEEC also applauds the Biden Administration’s efforts to address the climate crisis, including through the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, and Department of Transportation. We appreciate the Administration’s productive partnership and hard work on this vital issue.”


“While we celebrate these wins, we must keep in mind how much work remains to undo the damage of the previous administration. Earth Day 2022 is an important moment to remind ourselves not only of the incredible opportunity before us to build a more sustainable, resilient, and just future, by facing the climate crisis and addressing it, but also of what is at stake if we do not. Inaction or inadequate action that allows injustice in the energy system to continue, forcing marginalized communities to shoulder the burden of legacy pollution and fossil fuels while driving further geopolitical instability across the globe, is not an option. The cost is too high – we must, and will, continue to fight for bold climate action now.”

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