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Connolly Statement on McConnell Concessions on Three-Week Funding Bill

Congressman Gerald E. Connolly (D-VA), released the following statement on Senator McConnell’s concessions on a three-week funding bill:

“It is shameful that President Trump and Republicans inflicted this shutdown on the American public. I will vote to reopen government because we have big challenges that our constituents demand we address like ending sequestration, fighting the opioid crisis, and fixing the DACA problem the President created. I will also vote yes because Senator McConnell pledged to finally allow us to address all those issues. His concession to our demands for action is a big victory for the Democrats and the American people.

It is particularly telling that Republicans view the authorization of CHIP and the provision of healthcare for children as a concession to Democrats. The dysfunction unleashed by the Majority and the President must not be repeated in February. There is a bipartisan path forward if they are willing to take it. Now it’s incumbent on Republicans to work with Democrats.”


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