Wittman-Connolly Reintroduce Federal Employee Combat Zone Tax Parity Act

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Washington, June 15, 2017 | comments
Reps. Rob Wittman (R-VA-01) and Gerry Connolly (D-VA-11), Co-Chairs of the Smart Contracting Caucus, have reintroduced the Federal Employee Combat Zone Tax Parity Act to provide equality by extending the tax credit currently received by military personnel to the civilian federal employees working alongside them.

“America’s First District is the home of many hardworking and dedicated patriots who serve the people of this nation every day and I am very aware of the invaluable contributions federal employees make to our country,” said Rep. Wittman. “Therefore, we must ensure that our federal workforce is treated with fairness and respect. Like military personnel, federal employees serving in combat zones put themselves in harm's way and leave their families behind, increasing the stress and financial burdens on families.”

“Members of our federal workforce serve in combat zones to support essential defense, diplomatic, and development missions abroad. Often, they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with members of our military. This legislation would extend a temporary tax benefit similar to the one received by service members to the dedicated federal employees who willingly risk their lives for our country in combat zones around the world. This small measure honors their service and recognizes the sacrifices they and their families make on our behalf,” said Connolly.

“Our nation’s dedicated federal employees often answer a ‘call to duty’ that can put them in harm’s way in service to our country. While they may not wear a uniform, they risk life and limb and put themselves in imminent danger, and correspondingly should receive the same tax benefits as others when serving in a combat zone. This is a commonsense piece of legislation that should be considered swiftly by Congress,” said Richard Thissen, NARFE National President.

This bill provides parity to federal employees currently serving in combat zones by extending to them the same tax credit available to members of the armed forces serving in combat zones.

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