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Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June 2022, abortion laws and access to care have varied substantially from state to state. Virginia has taken some steps to safeguard abortion rights and access during that time, including as recently as February 2024, when the General Assembly blocked a near-total abortion ban and a ban on public funding for abortion care and advanced measures to protect abortion patients and providers and expand contraception access. In Virginia, abortion is safe and accessible, but it is not expressly protected by law and is generally prohibited after the point of viability.

As we face an unprecedented reproductive health care crisis nationwide, I am here with you and for you. I know that abortion care is health care. Reproductive rights are human rights and all Virginians deserve the freedom to make their own medical decisions—including about abortion.

Please review the resources below for information on knowing your rights, understanding Congressional action to advance reproductive freedom, and accessing care in Virginia.

Know Your Rights & Access Care

On a national, state, and local level, you have rights, and you have options for access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion care. Do you have questions about those rights and options? See the relevant resources below.

Federal Resources

Department of Health and Human Services:

Reproductive Rights Resource Website HERE
Joint Guidance on Birth Control Coverage HERE
Adolescent Health & Family Planning Resources HERE
Title X Program: 2021 Updated Rule HERE
Title X Program: Clinic Finder HERE
Title X Program: Resources for Grantees HERE

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services:

Revised Emergency Abortion Coverage Policies HERE
Medicare Abortion Coverage Policies HERE

Department of Defense:

Reproductive Health Care Resources HERE
Reproductive Health Q&A HERE
Updated Reproductive Care Policies HERE
TRICARE Reproductive Health Coverage Policies HERE

Department of Justice:

Reproductive Rights Task Force Information HERE

Department of Education:

Title IX Fact Sheet HERE

Department of Veterans Affairs:

Reproductive Health Information HERE

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:

Pregnancy Discrimination Information HERE

Department of Homeland Security:

ICE Medical Care Standards HERE

Department of Labor:

Employer-Based Health Benefits ‘Ask EBSA’ Hotline Information HERE

Health Insurance Marketplace:

Abortion Information HERE
Birth Control Information HERE

State Resources

Please be aware and vigilant as you use the resources below that biased, anti-abortion so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” masquerading as legitimate health care clinics, exist in Virginia and are empowered by some state leaders. None of this changes the fact that you are entitled to make your own medical decisions, including about abortion, free from judgment. You deserve access to accurate information and quality care as you make that decision, and our office is here to help in any way we can. If you have concerns or questions about any of the state resources, please reach out to our district office and a caseworker can assist you and provide you with reliable information.

VA Department of Health:

Women’s Health Information HERE
Family Planning Information HERE
State-Funded Abortion Information HERE
Selection of Providers Offering Abortion Services HERE

VA Department of Medical Assistance:

Plan First Family Planning Program Information HERE
Clinic Locator Tool HERE
Health Department Locator Tool HERE

VA Department of Corrections:

Inmate Health Services Information HERE

VA Department of Veterans Services:

Health Benefits Information HERE
Virginia Women Veterans Program Information HERE

Local Resources

Fairfax County:

Reproductive Health Care Information & Search Tool HERE
Health Department Information HERE
Clinic Locations and Services HERE
Commission for Women Information HERE

City of Fairfax:

Health Care Resources HERE
Commission for Women Information HERE

George Mason University:

Student Health Services HERE
Gynecologic Health Services Information HERE
Counseling Services for Pregnancy, Abortion, and Mental Health HERE
Sexual Health Information HERE
Birth Control Information HERE
Pregnancy Information HERE

What I'm Doing

Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus: 

In the 118th Congress, I am proud to be a Member of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus (PCC)—a group of over 150 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives committed to advancing reproductive rights, freedom, and justice. From moving key legislation forward to amplifying the voices of those in VA-11 and around the country demanding action, I consistently stand with my PCC colleagues as we fight for your reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy.

You can learn more about PCC here.


Whether we are in the majority or minority, my colleagues in Congress and I are constantly working to advance bills that safeguard your reproductive rights and access to care, protect your private health care data, and reaffirm U.S. commitment to global health and human rights worldwide, among other key issues. I am proud to sponsor or cosponsor several pieces of legislation designed to protect and expand your reproductive rights. Learn more about those initiatives here:

Still Need Help?

My offices and team are here to help you and answer your questions.

For assistance with federal agencies, contact my district office in Fairfax at (703) 256-3071.

To leave a policy comment and for questions about federal legislation, contact my Capitol Hill office at (202) 225-1492.

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