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I know it can be difficult to navigate the maze of the federal government or to determine the correct person or agency to contact to help you with your federal issue.  My offices can help you with this process. I am committed to providing excellent services to the residents of the 11th District of Virginia.  My staff and I will do everything possible to help you with your problem or question.

Over the past six years we have recouped $8.5 million in one time or retroactive benefits due to residents of the 11th District and more than $4 million per year in annual recurring benefits, including nearly $3 million dollars in benefits owed to our veterans and their families. So please don't hesitate to contact us at 703-256-3071 or visiting here.  Here are just a few success stories


Making sure James M. received his Purple Heart

James M. served in the U.S. Marine Corps during Operation Iraqi Freedom. On September 27, 2005 his vehicle was destroyed by an Improved Explosive Device. James sustained a brain injury in the attack. However, at the time, many types of brain injuries did not qualify for the Purple Heart. In April 2011, as a result of mounting medical evidence on the serious nature of these “invisible wounds,” the regulations were modified to include more levels of Traumatic Brain Injury that would qualify for the medal. In March 2011, James began the process of applying for his Purple Heart. When there were unexplained delays at the V.A. in processing his application, James contacted our office for assistance. We got in touch with the Quantico Awards Branch and asked for his case to be reviewed. In March 2012, Congressman Connolly was proud to present James with the Purple Heart.


Helping Esther F. get the V.A. education benefits she deserved

In 2005, Esther F. retired after 20 years in the Navy. She applied for V.A. education benefits under the Vocational and Rehabilitation Act and received approval to attend school. She was assured that she would be fully reimbursed for all educational costs. Over the course of the next four years, Esther repeatedly contacted the V.A. regarding her reimbursements. Her case was transferred from one case manager to another at least seven times. Frustrated, Esther contacted our officefor assistance. We were able to have her case reviewed by appropriate V.A. staff and within a few weeks she received the tuition reimbursement she was owed.


Helping Louis C. get back on his feet

Louis C. was working on a construction job when he fell of scaffolding and sustained severe brain injuries including loss of sight in one eye, leaving him unable to work. That same year, his mother and wife passed away. Since he had no health insurance, Louis was unable to seek medical treatment. He applied for Social Security disability benefits, but he lost his home before his application could be processed. Moving from shelter to shelter and often sleeping outdoors, it was impossible for Louis to correspond with the Social Security Administration, so he came to our office for help.

We followed up on his application and requested that the Social Security Administration conduct an immediate medical evaluation to assess his level of disability. The doctor confirmed his brain injury and documented that it was work related, making him eligible for disability benefits and ongoing medical care. After several months of treatment and therapy, Louis is once again living an independent and productive life. He has an apartment, is active in his church, and serves as an example of what a caring and compassionate government can do to help transform the life of a good person who has fallen on hard times.


Getting Charles V. the Social Security benefits he has earned

Charles V. retired from his job in the federal government, but due to discrepancies in his employment record between OPM and SSA, he was unable to collect his Social Security benefits. He reached out to our office after several years of trying to get the error corrected on his own. Our office intervened with the Federal Office of Personnel Management and the Social Security Administration to identify and correct the discrepancies—eventually getting Charles approved for his full retroactive Social Security benefits.


Helping a Veteran Get Disability Compensation

Michael S., an Army Staff Sergeant, retired after 20 years of military service.  With the assistance of a volunteer veterans advocate, he completed forms to apply for service connected compensation. In May of this year, the Department of Veterans Affairs approved his application.  However, much of his combat related disability compensation was withheld because of an error that was made by the volunteer advocate when completing his application. Michael contacted the Defense Finance Accounting Services (DFAS) to correct the error, but was told they would need to conduct an audit of his case that would take six months. Facing significant financial hardship, he called our office for assistance. We immediately sent an urgent inquiry into DFAS and contacted the Veterans Administration to have the error corrected. After reviewing our request, the Veterans Administration took prompt action and Michael received his full disability benefits.


Recovering Social Security Benefits

June’s mother, Vera, passed away at the age of 98.  After her death, June learned that more than $4,000 in back social security payments were owed to her mother.  She contacted our local Social Security Office  to complete the required paperwork to receive what was now owed to the family. Over the course of the next several months, June made numerous inquiries, but there was no resolution to the matter.  Finally she contacted our office for assistance.  Our staff investigated the situation, learning that the SSA had lost or misplaced some of the forms that had been sent.  We helped her submit the replacement paperwork and soon her mother’s estate received full payment.  

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